Welcome to Cherry Hills Heights Water & Sanitation District. The District was formed in 1952 and covers roughly 39 acres in unincorporated Arapahoe County at the northeast corner of South University Boulevard and East Hampden Avenue.

The District owns and maintains the main sanitary sewer lines within its boundaries. In addition, the District owns and maintains a small park area at University and Floyd and a perimeter wall, landscaping, and sidewalk on the east side of University between Hampden and Floyd.

PLEASE NOTE: The District has rules that govern the installation, use, and repair of homeowner sewer lines, and connections to the District’s main sewer lines. Because the rules establish mandatory requirements and restrictions, and potential penalties for violations, we strongly recommend that you review the rules. Also, please make sure that you provide a copy of the rules to any contractor performing work on your sewer line. To access the rules, click here.

2022 Board Meeting Calendar

Note: All meetings to be held virtually via video conference until further notice from 5:00 PM - 7:00 PM (MST). For questions, please contact a Board Member. To access available agendas (including dial-in information) or minutes, please click on the link below (if a link is not active, information is not yet available.) Click here for previous years' board meeting agendas and minutes.

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