District Responsibilities

The District has a number of responsibilities, including:

  1. Ensuring that connections to the District’s sewer main lines are done properly
  2. Conducting a variety of maintenance and repair activities:
    • The main sewer lines are videoed and cleaned on a three-year schedule
    • Contracting for snowplowing the sidewalk on the east side of University Boulevard
    • Hiring of companies to care for the lawn and trees in the park area and the landscaping along University Boulevard
    • Maintaining an irrigation system for the lawn and plants
    • Repairing and replacing these improvements and the brick wall along University as needed
    • Buying insurance to cover liability and property damage
    • Complying with a number of laws, including the State requirement to locate the main sewer lines before excavation occurs
    • A five-person volunteer Board, which meets about six times a year, makes decisions for the District, including setting an annual budget and corresponding mill levy to fund its responsibilities. Arapahoe County collects the District’s share of your property taxes. Board members are elected through local election processes.

Despite its name, the District does not own or maintain the water supply lines in the neighborhood or provide your water. Denver Water supplies water and owns and maintains the main water lines.