Homeowner Responsibilities


  • Maintaining and repairing the sewer service lines that run from their homes to the District’s main sewer line in the street right-of-way.
  • Following District policies, guidelines and rules and regulations. For example:
    • Homeowners must get District approval and meet other District requirements before connecting or “tapping” into the District’s main sewer lines.
    • Homeowners must arrange and pay for District inspections of service line installations, replacements, connections, and disconnections.
    • When a lot is subdivided or the size of a water tap is increased, homeowners must pay the District a tap fee.

To review the approved and complete set of District Rules and Regulations, click here. A copy of the August 2021 resolution approving the District Rules and Regulations can be found here. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact one of your board members.